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Welcome to New Dawn

Whether you are a vampire, werecreature, or any other type of otherkin, or even a practitioner of the occult arts, you are welcomed here to a safe sanctuary to meet and talk with others like yourself. 

Here at New Dawn, we are a close knit and family oriented community that looks after one another with respect, positivity, support, and open-mindedness. Most of us here know what it's like to have the empty feeling of having nowhere to belong, so we work to create an environment that welcomes all with open arms and acceptance. Members here contribute what they have learned throughout their life as well as challenge one another to further question, explore, and develop themselves further while still retaining an open mind. We would love to have you with us and contribute to our community as well!



This is not a roleplaying site, so if you come here to roleplay do not bother joining.  The occult and the concepts and ideas here are very real. If you are new to the Otherkin or occult community and/or are searching for answers, this is a great place to be involved and learn about the community where you will not be judged. You will be treated with utmost respect, and given advice and knowledge when sought. To become a full member, send one of the mods/admin the survey found on the "Become a Member" page. This survey does not have any right or wrong answers, but it will be looked over by all the moderators and admin.  Just answer truthfully and you will do just fine. For more information please read the "become a member" section.


Both Administrators and site owner have equal rights over the site, and will be issues addressed as such. However, all members on this site will be treated as equals.  Also read the rules before you decide to make an account as you will be held liable and accountable for any violations.



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